Tokyo Tower on a story day, Tokyo, Japan
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24 floors up in Mita, Tokyo

Got this shot in before a meeting I was having in a building just by Mita Station, downtown Tokyo.

Great view of the Tokyo Tower. Moody sky. Storm broke a little while later.

Nikon D800
Nikkor 50mm f/1.2 Ai


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  1. Excellent shot Alfie. Are these colours straight from the camera?

  2. D800 has some great tonality

  3. No, they are not straight from the camera +Richard Henderson. The one out of the camera is pretty good but I just wanted to give it a bit of 'oomph!'. Two or three minutes in Photoshop, using Nik's plugins, sorted it out nicely. 

  4. +Alfie Goodrich
    on a side note, did you get my messages, Alfie? I replied to yours some 2 weeks ago, but I am not sure if you've seen it

  5. I didn't, +Ponte Ryuurui, no…. could you re-send to my email? alfiejapanorama[atmark]


  6. +Alfie Goodrich
    sure thing, i ll send you one now

  7. I think I have a shot of that area from the 250m deck on tokyo tower 😉

  8. Q maravilloso paisaje… good good

  9. A compelling view of  the "Garden of concrete"…which is Tokyo!

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