De Niro poster on the train in Tokyo
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A DeNiro moment: Yamanote Line, Tokyo

Whether the posters are outside of the train or inside, there are always plenty of moments here in Tokyo to grab an interesting shot of passenger and poster.

For  me it's usually about the eyes: poster looking at the camera, person not or vice-versa.

iPhone 4S
Default camera
Edited in Snapseed


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  1. Awesome one +Alfie Goodrich! There are so many fun moments on the train indeed. We should have a shoot dedicated to just riding on the Yamanote Line. He he.

  2. Have done that, sort of, as a workshop +Mark Esguerra. Not just the Yamanote Line. But it was a day on the trains in general.

  3. ….be great to do it again.

  4. That's very cool +Alfie Goodrich! The shots that you took and the ones taken by those who joined you look interesting. I'll have to try and join you if you ever do one like that again. I love hanging around the train stations over there. 

    Question for you, one of your black and whites (number 33 of 52), the woman in the shot is holding what looks like a giant wrapped up flag. Do you happen to know what that was exactly?

  5. Excellent juxtaposition.  Very big brother.

  6. Yes +Douglas Knisely …ties in nicely with one of my favourite DeNiro moments, in Taxi Driver: 'You talkin to me…well I'm the only one here…?'

    +Mark Esguerra Bow and arrow… for kyudo.

  7. Great capture +Alfie Goodrich
    May I ask how do the Japanese feel about getting their photo taken?
    Do they just don't care.

  8. +Bo Nielsen They are all pretty chilled about it and no one has ever kicked-off at me here. Me smiling back, nodding.. usually enough to smooth any ripples. Being a foreigner means that a lot of people might just think 'he's a tourist'. Useful.

  9. Paparazzipicture or did you ask her before you took the picture , excellent bye the way .

  10. Just took it, +Ronnie Isacsson.  Asking before would have ruined the moment and she saw me and didn't mind, so I didnt feel compelled to ask afterwards either.

  11. OK , would it made any difference if you have seen her face ?
    Wonder if it´s easier to take picures like this in  Japan than for example Europe regarding to not asking ?

  12. +Ronnie Isacsson Mask or not, the Japanese are a lot more chilled about having their photo taken. I am always sensitive, polite and there have been times when someone has looked at me oddly.. so I smile, show them the screen… say it's a nice photo etc etc. Never had any bad experiences here.

  13. I have an interesting one to show you… just seems quite relevant:

  14. Oh, and same phone and editing, basically. Hope all is well Alfie.

  15. Nice, +Dave Krugman 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

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