Ruri in Miyzaki by Alfe Goodrich
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A gap in the sea wall: Ruri in Mimitsu, Kyushu

Today I have been going through all the shots we took in Kyushu last weekend. There's about 2000 of them in all. Did a first pass of editing down that 2000 and got around 670 that I like.  Pretty happy with that.

Ruri's coming round to my office next week and we'll be getting a website up for her then uploading a bunch of the pics from the shoot there.

Together with a buddy, I'm working on a package for models and agents, using the Miyazaki and Hyuga areas as a location, organising the whole shoot, providing a website, big and small prints etc etc. Ruri has been our test subject... so owe can get a sample of the whole package together for people to see.

Love how this one came out. Been aching to use this door in the Mimitsu village sea wall for ages. Got half a dozen really nice shots of Ruri here.

Nikon D800E
Nikkor 50mm f/1.2 Ai
Shot in monochrome and toned in Photoshop.


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  1. Beautiful frame! Love the tone! Keep them coming!

  2. (oops, stumbled against one of the comments above 😉 … ahem,anyway, –  it's a great image,  especially I've watched the Inception recently… she's dreaming or I am dreaming?

  3. I hunt for those type of locations. They compliment the human form so well, not to mention the framing aspect. Well done.

  4. Yes, +Olga van Saane Not sure whether he loves me or the model 🙂 It was sort of a dreamy shot. I didn't dream it though… it happened. 

    +marc strong Thanks man. I put a lot of store on location scouting. I do a lot of it. One of the key elements I try and teach to my students is that of pre-visualisation. Building skills for them that allow them to see a place, imagine the model in it, imagine everything about it: clothes, make-up, mood. It's not easy to build that for people but it's very satisfying for them when they begin to be able to 'see' everything before they've shot it. For me the shots don't always turn out the way i pre-visualised them but that's usually down to the reality on the spot, on the day…. or a feeling that, once you have all the components you thought you wanted, there are one or two things that feel like they need to be different to the way you pre-saw it.

  5. The use of the prop is really nice touch, putting the viewer a little off balance and wanting to figure it out.

  6. Prop? You mean the ladder, +marc strong ? That wasn't there the first time I saw this lace, about a year ago. I contemplated moving it but then figured having the model at an angle ON the ladder would work much better than just standing in the door.

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