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A Heaven-Sent Umbrella; Yurakucho, Tokyo

It's that railway bridge in Yurakucho again folks. But, really, could you pass up a place that has light like this? There has been no post processing on the light or colour in this shot, just a tiny boost of the tonal contrast to put more texture in the irownwork. The light truly is exactly like this if you happen to catch at the right moment.

I'd been standing under the bridge shooting for something like fifteen minutes by this stage and although it was raining, because we were under a bridge not a single person had walked past with their umbrella up. And with that patch of light on the opposite side of the road, I really wanted a person with an umbrella to walk through it.

Was about to leave and I could see a lady coming who had a lovely red umbrella, perfect for the green of the bridge. The only thing I failed to be able to do was get her in focus. The bridge pillar, however, is perfectly in focus. But it's the colour that works here and I like it, even though she isn't sharp.

I guess you cant have everything and in low light over a distance of about 20 metres, which is about how far away she was, it's pretty tough to focus on a smallish object at f/1.4.

Nikon D300

Nikkor 85mm f/1.4 AF D

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