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A penny for your thoughts: Shibuya, Tokyo

Spent a half-hour loitering around Shibuye Crossing the other Saturday, after visiting the MyJapan exhibition where I had some work up.

Great place to shoot with the 300mm. I know the purists think telephotos for street photography are the work of Satan. But I love them in certain situations where, if you were to get close-in, the moment would be ruined.

Nikon D700

Nikkor 300mm f/4

DR-3 right-angle finder

In-camera monochrome


  1. How about some 300mm street photography at f/2 🙂


  2. great alternative use of the lens 🙂

  3. Beautifull shot!! Well composed!

  4. Excellent composition, the depth of field is amazing; that must be a nice lens

  5. Excellent shots. Well done

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