Studio fashion and portrait photography in Tokyo: Masako
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A reunion with Masako after five years

In late November, I spent a day in my studio and had pretty much an 'open door' policy. A couple of students came over, a couple of models came over, a bunch of friends came over. It was a lot of fun.

Masako, I hadn't seen for almost five years. She'd moved down to the very south of Japan and we'd just both been busy. It was lovely to see her again.

We messed around with a few outfits and various lighting setups. Lots of fun, for several hours.

This was one of my favourite setups and when Masako put the dress on, we figured out it would lots more fun if she wore it backwards.

Hasselblad H4D-40
HC80mm lens
One softbox at camera left, flagged to give some mood.
One are speedlight at the rear of the model on camera right, gelled red.

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  1. Thăm tường nhà mình nhé +Alfie Goodrich

  2. I don't understand the other comments even with translation. But good picture & subject.

  3. +Larry Haas Thanks man. I think some people leave comments for themselves, to kind of tag and collect posts they like…. but, thanks for your comment. Which I fully understand and enjoy 🙂

  4. That must have been fun. After five years, a little catching up and to reconnect, good for you, and her. Keep in touch. It would be great to create an "over the years' album.

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