International forum building in Tokyo, Japan
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All laid out below me: International Forum, Tokyo

The first time I visited this building was in 1999 but I can still find new photos.

Was there last week with one of my students and got this shot. The light was just perfect.

This shot?
Nikon D800
Nikkor 20mm f/3.5 AiS
Shot to monochrome in-camera


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  1. Great shot. Did you use the standard picture control monochrome or a custom picture control? +Alfie Goodrich 

  2. Standard monochrome, +Dean Sonneborn. I used to use a lot of custom ones in the D700. I find the standard ones are fine in the 800 and 800E. Although I do have a few custom mono ones I use, mainly with the contrast jacked and a red filter added.

  3. Great, the shoot is just perfecto !

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