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Ambivalence, Wonderment, Joy: the panoply of human expression; Hanami, Omori, Tokyo

I was on my way home from a meeting and stopped a while on the stretch of park near our flat in Omori, which has been stunning over the past few days for the falling sakura petals. Locked-off on one section of street, crouched down, angle-finder clamped to my eye for about fifteen minutes I eventually snapped a series of three shots with the petals falling at full-tilt. Plus, I got three expressions from the people who happened to be there in my frame at the time:

The Ambivalent Salaryman - on the phone, deep in conversation and somewhere else entirely.

The Young girl walking and looking up in wonder at the trees.

The Cyclist - brimming over with inbridled joy and laughter at the blizzard of petals she was cycling through.

Oh, and one other expression not in the photo? The sheer joy of the photographer whose patience had paid off. :-)

Nikon D300

Nikkor 85mm f/1.4 D AF


  1. More from those flowers. It's lovely. Again you've catch different face expression and people mood in one shot. I like it very much. Congratulations!

  2. La neige des arbres.


  3. Very nice shot! many human expressions in one! It's great 🙂

  4. simply lovely tones here. I like the flowers falling down, very nicely shot!

  5. Great rain of flowers and a lot of happy people.

  6. Wow!! I am blown away at all of the different layers in this photo. As wedding photojournalists, it is rare that we ever get the chance to spend this long waiting for the perfect unscripted moment. This is what fantastic PJ is all about!

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