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Ami in a sea of dots: portrait in the car park at our local horse-racing course

This place is somewhere I've been meaning to shoot for ages. It takes a day of strong sunshine to really make it pop. And you can't always freely just walk into the area, as it's really only open on race days.

But today was the Tokyo City Fleamarket and first of all I went down with my little boy, Charlie, to have a look around. I never go out without some sort of camera and this morning I had just the iPhone and the Osmo on me.

I shot some video, which came out really nicely and I'm working on a music video that will use that footage.

Later in the day, I went back with my daughter and shot some more video as well as a few stills.

Great location, fascinating light.

Nikon D800E
Kerlee 35mm f/1.2 manual-focus lens
Shot RAW but with an in-camera monochrome setting I've made.
Slight colouring of the original in Photoshop, using the 'Image > Colour Balance' adjustment, with slightly warmed shadows and slightly magenta highlights.

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