Snowy landscape: view from Windsor Hotel, Hokkaido
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Another from 2007: View from the Windsor Hotel, Toyama, Hokkaido

I'm enjoying drifting through the old hard-drive I plugged back in today, so excuse me for indulging myself in another shot from 2007.

This one was shot on a press tour I did prior to the Hokkaido G8 summit. The regional government organised some tours to get the press up there to see everywhere that would be used for the summit. We toured Esashi, Hakodate, Otaru and Sapporo. Great trip. The wife came with me too.

One of the points of the trip was to see The Windsor Hotel, which would be the venue for the G8 and where all the dignitaries and heads of state would stay.

The whole tour was whistle-stop to say the least and when we reached one of the top-floor rooms in The Windsor, despite being faced with an awesome view across the landscape, I only had about 30secs to grab this shot before we were off to somewhere else.

Plus, the window was filthy....

The trick with shooting through windows is to put the lens on to the glass. That way you minimse the reflections. At night, it also helps to put a black cloth or jacket around your head to stop stray light from inside the room.

Anyway, not bad for a quick grab-shot through a dirty window. :-)

Great place this. Toyama is very interesting. Lovely lake but the town, then, was still really getting over the recent eruption of a nearby volcano so it was a bit quiet.

Nikon D300
Tamron 17-50 f/2.8G [awful lens, it has to be said, which I used for a little while and then got rid of]


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  1. Not bad for shooting through a dirty window indeed. This looks great +Alfie Goodrich!

  2. it feels quiet. … and yes, what +Mark Esguerra said.

  3. +Alfie Goodrich there is nothing better then drifting through old photos and finding new gems, missed the first time.

  4. Seems great even with that lens at least in this media Alfie .

  5. Cheers +Ronnie Isacsson. Yep, 72dpi and this size is fine from that piece of kit. Sharpness at wide apertures was not its forte or the ability to give sharpness when blown-up large. Tamron have some great lenses. Trouble is that they have too many 'Friday night' lenses. Consistency of quality is not their best point.

  6. +Bo Nielsen ..absolutely. Been having a nice time going through this hard-drive so far.

  7. Ok thank´s for the info about Tamron Alfie

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