Lady with umbrella on freezing cold day in Fukuoka, Kyushu, Japan
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Another one for the umbrella collection

For those of you who have seen any of my work before, you'll be aware of the umbrella obsession I have.

Some might call it a fetish.

I'm not fussed either way. And I can't stop shooting the things.

This one was from my last afternoon in Fukuoka, whilst I was down there are the end of last year for a shoot for KLM's inflight magazine.

My friend +Zsolt Scheffer [Chef] had been assisting me all week. Check out his work. He's got a good eye has Chef. Was great to have his help for a few days and just hang out.

We spent the last day I was there just chilling out. It was pissing with rain and freezing cold. We hadn't planned to go out but something happened [blog post about that coming later] which made it impossible for us to stay indoors.

This was shot from the hip with my 50mm f/1.2Ai at f/2. Monochrome is done in-camera. The shot isn't cropped at all.

..after a while of doing it, shooting the 50 from my hip is like having my eye on the end of my arm: you just have a built-in feeling for how to hold the camera to get exactly the framing you want.


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  1. Love the feeling and experience you have with a 50mm lens.
     This kind of regrooves the essence of photography, having a good basic tool and knowing it very well.

  2. WoW,its really nice shoot,

  3. Thanks +Clarissa Vincent. I've had this same lens since I was a kid. So we know each other pretty well by now 🙂

  4. I have a Nikon FM2. I love the way there is no need for auto focus or exposure because in various contexts you just know what to have your camera set at and you have the choice of minor creative adjustments for specific shots. Mostly outside it'll be f5.6 at 250th with focus set at distant, or similar. Basically point and shoot mode : )

  5. Because I like the separation that one gets with it, I tend to shoot this at f/2 and set the focus for 3m.. then guess the distance, as I did with this.

    My first AF camera was the D300 in 2007. When I went full-frame in 2010 with the D700, I went back to shooting mostly manual-glass on the camera. Mainly because the AF points, unlike the D300, no longer covered the whole frame area. If you can't get a focus point to the edge of the frame, what's the fu**ing point of AF?

    A point [sorry for the pun] that I put some Nikon execs last year, as a reason I wouldn't be rushing to upgrade my camera to a D4. I asked them when full-frame coverage with AF points was coming, rather than a DX area of AF points in a full-frame viewfinder. One of the guys didn't realise I speak Japanese and asked his colleague: 'Why is this important to him?'

    Excuse me?

    I took a napkin out of my pocket and drew something for him.. making the point that until Nikon gave me an AF camera that didn't force me [if I wanted to use AF] to compromise my composition of the photo, I would stick with using my 10,20 and 30 year-old manual glass on my D700. 

    …where I can point my 20 or 50 or 135mm MF lens straight ahead of me and – using my eye and the MF – focus on something at the far left of mt viewfinder without having to use AF, focus and re-frame.

  6. They want consumers rather than photographers.
    It is surprising how beautiful 60 year old photographs are, compared to modern ones. There should be an app for phone cameras which models various classic cameras. To be honest I only use my phone camera now, but it is always with me and I find it hugely enjoyable. You are a proper photographer. Me, I'm just a consumer of photography : ) (although I spent 10 years doing portrait photography).

  7. Excellent picture in B&W , really like the greyscale but were is the rain ?

    • Alfie Goodrich

      It had sort of stopped by the time I took this. But in Japan people will put up an umbrella even if it looks like it’s going to rain 🙂

  8. To make money on photography, take only good pictures of politians. Have a great umbrella camera day too. bye  Maisey

  9. +Mae Freeborg Thanks. But, actually, the umbrellas have made me more money than the pictures i have taken of politicians 🙂

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