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Autumn in Tokyo: Momiji in our local park

One more from today's little trip over the road from our house to the local park.

The trees there have been late in turning red. No disappointments today. Spent the last 20mins of the sunshine and a half-hour of time after sunset getting a load of nice shots there.

Dreamy light, what there was of it. Love this old Mamiya lens on the Nikon. Such a joy to still be using it via this adaptor. Beautiful qualities to this glass.

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Nikon D700
Seiko-Mamiya RB67 127mm f/3.8 on Fotodiox adaptor

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  1. What a wonderful shot. The blur effect is definitely adding a dazzling outcome. The sun rays were perfectly captured and the red leaves were a perfect match to its brightness. The photo is just too fanciful and lovely to look at. Its simplicity added a bit more elegance. I also love the effect of that Mamiya lens from Nikon. It gives marvelous upshot. Perhaps, I will surely check out more of your lovely shots. Amazing work. Keep it up.

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