Azusa and the tattoo
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Azusa and the tattoo

This was shot a few weeks back, for +Shinyong Lee and her PrixPrix fashion business. A little different in colour and mood to the ones we used on her website but this is a favourite shot of mine.

The tattoos are temporary, transfers designed and made by a friend of Shinyong's.

More details here: [japanese only]

Nikon D700
Nikkor 28-80mm f/3.5-5.6G
SB800 flash through an umbrella at camera right and front.
SB26 behind the backdrop, firing at the back of the model's head
In-camera, custom colour control to simulate a pushed slide film


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  1. Is she Korean, right? Beautiful shot.

  2. This model is Japanese. Shinyong is part-Korean.

  3. Nice photo, interesting model

  4. Really well done, Love the light behind her head and the lighting in general!

  5. A tattoo seal…good gadget for photography 🙂

  6. Beautiful model with amazing tattoo!

  7. Gorgeous!  I love how you can see the little tag on her right side, with the rhinestone thingies.  Very cool!

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