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Butterfly feeding; Aoyama Cemetery, Tokyo

I was out teahcing a student this morning who loves nature photography and lives near one of Tokyo's little havens for nature; Aoyama Cemetery. There was a clutch of small, orange flowers in one corner of the graveyard that was attracting butterflies. Kitty was photographing them, I was concentrating on some other flowers nearby.... when this fella literally landed on the flower right in front of my lens. There is a fair whack of luck in any work but, more often than not, nature photography has a little more of it than most. And lots of patience....


  1. yuka


    This butterfly's colour, shape, pattern, and the total balance of these colours…

    Absolutely stunning!

  2. Martin O'Connor

    I live close to this place and walk through it often, but I've never thought there was stuff like this to see there. I will have to get up and out with my camera. Beautiful!

  3. Your work is absolutly WONDERFUL !

    A lot of amazing shots here ! I'll be back 🙂

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