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Camera: Yurakucho, Tokyo

I was out doing a lesson with one of my students yesterday and we staked out this little spot in Yurakucho for a few minutes.

Nikon D3X
Loreo 'Lens in a Cap'
Shot with my Ektachrome P Picture Control
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  1. Do you use active D-lighting with the etkachrome picture control? I've tried it both way and seem to like it better without. I rarely use active D-lighting with jpgs but I thought I would check the picture control both ways just to see. Seems like it defeats some of the subtle that you coded into the control.

  2. +Dean Sonneborn Never used D-Lighting, always have it switched off in the camera. It's a blunt weapon. Same with High ISO noise Reduction. You can achieve better results with post-production for dynamic range and noise than in-camera.

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