Mount Fuji at sunset with cap cloud [lenticular cloud] shot from Tokyo
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Cap-cloud on Fuji at sunset, shot from Tokyo

Yesterday when I shot this I didn't even notice that Fuji had its signature 'cap-cloud', a lenticular cloud that sits over the summit when the conditions are right.

Nice surprise catch during what was a spectacular sunset.

Nikon D800e
Nikkor 80-200mm f/2.8 ED-IF
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  1. The 80-200mm f2.8 is a ripper, isn't it? Sadly I don't use mine since I discovered my fetish for prime glass. I think my 85mm f1.4 produces the most beautiful colours of all my lenses. I'm disappointed with my 20mm f2.8 as it is nowhere near as sharp as the 85mm

  2. +Phillip Ebrall Love this lens. That 85 you have is amazing too. Not surprised you don't want to take the thing off the camera, Philip.

  3. What a spectacular shot you have for this breathtaking view. The cap cloud on Fuji totally catches my attention. It was beyond beautiful and I love how you naturally capture it. I am also amazed by how you take this nice surprise perfectly. The building also added a brilliant combination to the exquisite sunset. Everything is evenly adjusted. From its contrast down to its brightness. The color is just right and flawless. Everything felt so real and so photogenic. Great photography skills, Alfie. Keep it up.

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