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Cat cafes in Tokyo; photos I shot for the BBC last week, Tokyo, Japan.

I was shooting pics for the BBC at the end of last week for a story about some of the odd things, people and animals you can rent in Japan. Great fun. I did trapse around Tokyo a fair bit and one of the days got very, very cold. But, discovered some new places and got to hang out with some cool cats and dogs.

BBC article here:


Article and large gallery of shots on my Japanorama website here:


This shot:

Nikon D300

20mm f/3.5 AiS manual focus lens.


  1. I read the article on japanorama and I really enjoyed the way you showed something I had no idea it even existed… it does totally make sense in the Japanese culture, where everything has a place and a time, to have a special place for having fun with cats… although the more I read and the more I look at your pictures the more I felt like I was looking at a brothel… which I am sure is the farthest away from the intentions of the creators of these cat-cafe'…

  2. He, he. It did sort of have that feeling for me after the second cafe and three hours of hanging around with the cats. As I mentioned to the BBC's correspondent, I didn't ever imagine the BBC arranging me with a whole afternoon's worth of pussy in Tokyo 🙂

  3. Hahahaha… that one was precious!

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