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Cat in the sun: Tsukishima, Tokyo

Two consecutive cat shots; that has to be a first for me. But how could I pass up the chance of grabbing a shot of this fella?

Down in Tsukishima today giving Lucy a lesson, in which we were working on the 'leading the eye with colour' project. Some great material for that and then in one of the little back-alleys we spied this chap sunning himself.

This wasn't for the project, but here it is should you be interested in having a go.

Nikon D700
Nikkor 50mm f/1.2 Ai @ f/1.2


  1. Spectacular cat portrait
    Great photo for me

  2. Ruth Raymond

    Just wanted to say I love this kitty and bokeh shot! I stumbled over this site after seeing your "Recollections of Arras" photo over at the fence friday group. Stunning work here!

  3. Bonsoir,
    a hunter that it would involve human dreams..amazing composition and exposure..bravo!

  4. nice composition!! and a very cute cat!

  5. Fascinating ‘aura imaging photograph’. Really well seen and captured!

  6. I have been watching and admiring this photos for days, then wondering if the Bokeh is 100% out of the box at f1.2, or if you added a litlle something with a lightroom or photoshop ?

  7. Alfie Goodrich

    The bokeh is right out of the box at f/1.2. 🙂

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