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Charlie on the big wheel, Korakuen, Tokyo

Last Sunday, my youngest son and I went out for some fun at the amusement park near Tokyo Dome: Korakuen.

We did a few rides, managing to get into all the big, outdoor aerial ones before the rain arrived. They close a lot of the attractions when it rains.

By the time we hit the big wheel, it was raining but the view was still great.

Got this shot of Charlie sat thee enjoying the view.

Nikon D800E
Nikkor 50mm f/1.2 Ai
In-camera styling using my Ektachrome P picture control
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  1. +Alfie Goodrich exceptional… I hv chill-bumps with that capture! I once took 4 of my 5 to DC from Bham Al.! My 25 yo then 11yo … was totally obsessed with amusement parks. We spent a day at Bush Gardens and a huge storm came. Rides were closed and we were clustered with others in a gift shop. 3 hours we waited it out.
    He was first in line when they cleared the lightening threat for the main roller coaster ride #pricelessmoments as I was on a solo parent adventure!😎☮️❤️👍

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