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Charlie Potter: having fun at the old school, Ishikawa-machi, Fukushima

We've been spending the weekend up at my wife's home town in Fukushima and her old elementary school, which recently closed because they opened a new one up the road, was the scene of some fun yesterday afternoon.

I went out for a little drive with my daughter and my youngest son and we had a little fun outside the school, with my Hasselblad H4D-40 and one speedlight.

Charlie turned into Charlie Potter.

Hasselblad H4D-40
HC 80mm f/2.8
Yongnuo speedlight fired into a small Elinchrom PortaLite softbox
Processed in Photoshop and cropped to a square

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  1. There's nothing fun about teaching witchcraft to your children. is a sin to teach this.

    Wisdom of Solomon 12:3-4
    [3]For it was thy will to destroy by the hands of our fathers both those old inhabitants of thy holy land,
    [4]Whom thou hatedst for doing most odious works of witchcrafts, and wicked sacrifices;

    Foolish men

  2. +Phillip Ebrall Thanks Phillip. Sorry not to see you last week at the graduation. Hope all is well with you sir.

  3. Sorry Alfie

    I'm very sick and have been in hospital

    I missed you and the teams and the students very, very much. I will catch-up when I can


    This one from my iPad Air 2

  4. +Phillip Ebrall I hope you're getting better now. Thinking of you.

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