Portrait of two local ladies in Yogyakarta, Indonesia
© 2013 Alfie Goodrich. All rights reserved.

Charming the locals in Indonesia

I'd been location scouting for my shoot tomorrow and at the end of the first session of scouting, these two ladies happened past me.

They'd taken photos of each other and I approached and asked to get one of the pair of them. They had such great smiles and such a great parasol.

Lovely ladies. Got their email and am sending them a copy of this shot.

Tomorrow I do a landscape and a fashion shoot in this area, around the old ruins in Yogyakarta, mid-way down Java. Awesome locations. really looking forward to tomorrow.

Gear etc?

Nikon D800E
Nikkor 85mm f/1.4 AFS-G



  1. Hey, nice +ari wardiyati. Great place. Loving shooting here so far. You here or living somewhere else right now?

  2. Wonderful shot and beautiful smiles!!!!

  3. Great compo and colors !! You have to came to Sweden for photoshooting some day  if you have´nt already been here .

  4. Indonesian people always have big smile 😉 Really love it

  5. +Alfie Goodrich do you still in Yogjakarta??
    and welcome in my hometown tooooo

  6. Hi +nafisa alma I am still here. We've had a long day. Still shooting, I am writing this sat at a table at the Ramayana ballet. We are waiting to shoot the dancers tonight. We've been out shooting since 5am and won't be finished until about 1am. But all the work we've achieved today has been awesome to be a part of. In Yogya one more full day – tomorrow. Then we leave for Dubai, for a few day's shoot there. After that it's Malaysia for five days and then home to Japan. I am staying at Aburrakmo Hotel. If you fancied a coffee or something tomorrow evening, that could be nice. I don't know exactly when I will be finished with work but will know sometime early tomorrow.

  7. +Alfie Goodrich … u saw the Ramayana ballet in indoor or outdoor stage?? the best things in outdoor when the moonlight :):) its an amazing…..
    you mean Ambarukmo Hotel right??… yes i know but its little bit  far away from my home :):)………. and now i m in my uncle home at Borobudur…. did u come visiting the Borobudur Temple too
    i wish  you have more time in Yogja…. i will show you the beautiful nature of my hometown

  8. Outdoor. Special performance for us to film. Very special. Didnt see all the ballet but it was amazing..

  9. good evening +Alfie Goodrich …..
    yes ..indeed… outdoor Ramayana Ballet at Prambanan temple is very amazing….. next time when you have opportunity to come here again…..you should watching the Ramayana Ballet when the moon in fullmoon…….not like yesterday…..drizzling rain ….hope you enjoy your trip in my hometown….. :):):)

  10. wow …. memories that will not be forgotten

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