Cherry blossom in Tokyo, Japan
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Cherry blossom in Tokyo, 2013: the raindrop

Had a little bit of time yesterday out with the camera at the end of a lesson I was doing with someone who is taking my 15hr Beginner's Photography Course.

Yesterday was partly about getting her introduced to a bunch of different lenses, what they do and why you'd be interested in using them. Part of achieving the 'picture I have inside my head' on the camera is about understanding what different fields of view are available and how they render the world in front of you.

Among the lenses we looked at was the macro, in this case my 105mm f/2.8 Micro-Nikkor.

There'd been some rainshowers yesterday morning in Tokyo and that's always a nice time to shoot the cherry blossom because of the water drops that sit on the petals.

Nikon D700
Micro-Nikkor 105mm f/2.8 AF-D


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  1. How insightful of you to wont to go for a up close shot on a raindrop.

  2. Beautiful!!!… +Alfie Goodrich… are "cherry blossom" flowers has a pleasant odor???… Thanks!

  3. So beautiful with that light and softness . You are a master in macro also !

  4. Lovely picture… Do you publish your lessons on the web ?

  5. wonderfully gentle and beautiful

  6. Loving this one +Alfie Goodrich! I just wish I didn't have to miss seeing them in Tokyo this year. ;-P

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