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Cherry Blossoms in Fukushima | My Last of the Year

Shot early May 2012


Myself and my family spent a little time in Fukushima this last weekend and seeing the cherry blossom there was special, as we haven't been there at sakura time since 2008. It was also the first time we as a whole family have been up to see our relatives in Fukushima since the quake last year.

The first time little Charlie has been to Fukushima.

There was a fair amount of family celebrating going on that weekend so I spent more time behind a can of beer than I did behind the camera. But I got out to get a few shots.

This is from a fave spot of mine in our town, Ishikawa-machi, down near the river and my wife's old school.

The blossoms were coming down in blizzards....

Was great to be back in the area again despite the fact that we still have concerns about what is happening 50kms away at the nuclear plant. Family is family. You can't just stay away....


Nikon D700

Nikkor 80-200mm f/2.8

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