Cherry blossom in Tokyo, Japan: Yanaka cemetery
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Cherry blossoms in Tokyo, Japan: Yanaka Cemetery

Yanaka Cemetery is a wonderful spot for seeing the sakura in Tokyo, with its long avenue of trees and the great light that percolates through them.

It's not the best place for partying under the hanami because space to do so is limited. But at various places along the street it's perfectly possible to sit in small groups and enjoy the scenery.

Pleased how this came out. The taxi helps identify the scene nicely as Tokyo.

Nikon D700
Nikkor 300mm f/4 ED
Shot straight to black and white in the camera


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  1. Esta cuenta no es de un ser Humano ¿Acaso somos extra

  2. me encanta esta foto…

  3. Such an outstanding and moving photograph!

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