Childrens portrait photography in Tokyo: Charlie at Heiwajima
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Children’s portrait photography: my son Charlie, Heiwajima, Tokyo

Charlie and I went out yesterday and had a cycle, a walk and some fun down by the little beach at Heiwajima. It's about 10 or 15mins in the bicycle. Nice place. Kid's playground, a little beach. Good for chilling out and not so far from home.

Charlie is always asking me stuff like 'Did you take a picture of that?', when he sees something interesting. He's into the whole photography thing, it seems. Plus, he's very patient when it comes to having his own photo taken.

Hasselblad H4D-40
HC 100mm f/2.2 lens @ f/2.2


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  1. i wonder what language you use to talk to your son +Alfie Goodrich ?

  2. +Anita Seman n – Charlie is the only of our three kids to be born here. Naturally he defaults to Japanese. I speak in both languages to him. He mostly replies in Japanese. But we're getting there with the English skills.

  3. My girl is bilingual. I bet Charlie is brilliant too!

  4. Charlie's getting there, +Sparky Santos. The other two kids are totally bi-lingual.

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