Japanese model Ruri Modelgogo in Kyushu, Japan
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Coastal Defence: Ruri in Miyazaki-ken, Kyushu

After Ruri and I had a meeting and editing session the other night, I am making my way through shots we took recently in Kyushu; editing, processing a little, selecting shots for her folio and website.

There's lots of good ones. I'm really happy about what we managed to get out of the whole three-day shoot. Biggest of which was the sheer amount of different 'looks' we conjured using different outfits and locations. Which, like any good model, Ruri reacted to by adapting her moods and expressions. Couple that, finally, with using a variety of different lenses [which change the shape of the face and body] and we have a large repertoire of material to use over the coming months of promoting Ruri's work.

Gear and processing?
Nikon D800E
14mm f/2.8
Shot in monochrome
Processed through Silver Efex Pro2's 'Low Key' filter to bring back sky detail.


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  1. Thanks +Troy Hankerson. I kinda wished we'd taken a mermaid costume for Ruri. Still, next time….. 🙂

  2. … sehr, sehr gutes Foto !

  3. Love the tonal range here Alfie, and, um, the lovely model.

  4. Thanks +John Hoare. Like this shot a lot too. How's tricks in Bangkok?

  5. All good +Alfie Goodrich looking forward to a break from the action next week.

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