Tokyo International Forum with Hasselblad H system
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Come to mummy: International Forum, Tokyo

The lady creating the wonderful shadow was trying to attract her young child and over a period of a few minutes, she made a few great shapes with her body. This was the first and the best.

Patience pays off. Visiting the same location over and over again pays off.

I'd seen this moment beginning to happen and waited for it.

I've been visiting this location for 15 years now.

It never fails to disappoint and I can always find pictures I haven't taken before.

*Hasselblad H4D-40
HC 100mm f/2.2 lens
100 ISO
1/100th sec

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  1. Always such great shadow there…

  2. I would sent some kids from a local dance school and ask them to make shadows for you.

  3. Nice idea, +Dean Sonneborn and for a commercial shoot that's the sort of thing I might do. But for street/candid stuff I prefer just 'fishing' ….. waiting and capturing these little gems of randomness.

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