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Crowds In the Rain, Akihabara, Tokyo

I spent a little time in town today, shooting around Akihabara, under a couple of bridges and taking pics of the people with slow shutter-speeds.

I know a few good places where I can shoot whilst staying dry and getting lots of people traffic.

Playing with the speed of the shutter to get more or less blur. This was at 1/4th of a second, hand-held. Great thing about the rangefinder is that it's light and there is no mirror-slap, so you can generally - if your breathing and posture is good - shoot it right down to half a second hand-held and still get sharp shots.

Epson R-D1

Avenon 21mm f/2.8 @ f/8


  1. It is interesting and impressive – great job, I really like it

  2. Love this shot a lot. I featured it as "Photo of the Day" on my photoblog. Cheers.

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