Location fashion photography in Tokyo: Cynthia Popper
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Cynthia Popper: one from last week’s shoot

Just a quick edit of one of the shots that +Cynthia Popper and I shot last week.

This one was shot on the train between Shimbashi and Hammamatsucho. We'd done a few shots at the station, including one cut that I have had in my head for years: shooting a model on the platform with the city behind her.

Nice shoot. Lovely lady. Will be posting more of the shots soon... but this is turning into a busy week; shooting in Tokyo today and have two days of shooting in Osaka from tomorrow.

Gear etc?
Nikon D800E
Nikkor 50mm f/1.2 Ai



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  1. Thanks. There are better ones to come though. This one isn't 100% sharp. Mind you, f/1.2 on a moving train and with a large bag on my back has it's challenges. 🙂

  2. Very nice! I know what you mean about having a shot in your head. There are few I need to get out of my head and in front of my viewfinder. Looking forward to your other shots.

  3. it's very cinematographic, Alfie. I like it a lot (not that it matters 😉 – I simply look at your work with sincere admiration. 

  4. Very nice of you to say so, +Olga van Saane I tend to look at life through my lens and treat it like a movie. 

  5. Gennaro

    Great shot, love the “location” 🙂

  6. great shot and atmosphere 

  7. I like how you make an everyday event and environment look so magical and stylish! Great shot!

  8. Thanks, +Evan Hamm. Hope you're well, sir.

  9. 素晴らしい写真をありがとう。

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