Derek Makishima, photographer
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Derek Makishima: one of my fellow Hasselblad Japan Ambassadors for 2015

I shot this pic of Derek just before Christmas, out in the street in Harajuku. We'd just met that day, had some lunch and popped out in the streets for a bit with a Hasselblad H4D-60 camera, the 100mm lens and a ProFoto D1 light to have some fun.

Derek's a lovely guy and a very talented photographer. We've started doing some workshops for Hasselblad together and there are eleven more of those at least to come in 2015; some will be one-day events in Tokyo, some in Osaka and around the country. There will also be some longer, weekend events. The first of which looks set to be on the coast and in the forests of Chiba in the spring.

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