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Down in the drain which is the Shibuya-gawa; Shibuya, Tokyo

A little more lurid than I would ever normally make my HDR images but the light here in this spot was particularly odd, making a very weird colour caste in lots of places. This drain, or river - as it once was - runs across a large chunk of Tokyo and on Sunday myself and a bunch of people walked along 4-miles of it, from Azabu-juban to Shibuya; on one of the photowalks I organise here in Tokyo.

It was a long and very hot, humida day and all but Justin had left to go home by the time we reached this place.

Not content with shooting it from the bridge, I climbed down into this 'river' and walked along to the next vridge taking a series of shots. Not easy, very smelly, dark and I was infeasibly sweaty. Not ideal conditions to be shooting. Got some OK shots, will be going back again to walk the whole length of it.... inside the concrete culvert. If anyone's up for it, feel free to join me.

This location will certainly be part of the 'set' for my crime novel shots.

Nikon D300

Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8

HDR image blended in Photomatix and tweaked in Photoshop


  1. your pictures are simply breath taking… they perfectly show that side of japan that made my trip to this country the most exciting and fantastic trip of my life so far!

    thanks for sharing your pictures on the web!

    — peter

  2. wow.. cool picture.. i like it.. nice HDR too..not too overdone..

  3. I don't leave comments on websites, however this picture is unique. I like it and it makes a bold statement about you the photographer. I'm also digging the HDR. I think I may have to give it a try. Greta Image.

  4. Brilliant composition … I love the perspective, the colours and lights. Really great work!

  5. Oh wouah, very impressive perspective, feet in the water (if it was water) :-)) Great!

  6. i love all your photos! everything's so crisp and clear… your colors are amazing… your compositions gives me immediate wows such as this photo here! i hope to one day to get as good as you are…

  7. Very well done, makes me want to travel.

  8. Alfie, when you say you're walking in it, are you slipping on some gumboots or waders? Or is it like the L.A. "River" — shallow in the extreme?

    But isn't it dodgy? Isn't that sewage, or this sort of thing isn't even contemplatable for Tokyo?

  9. I had a stout pair of boots on. It's not that deep. One just needs to be careful. As soon as I got out, I rinsed my boots off, as well as the bottom of the tripod legs. Be careful how and where you walk, take sensible precautions. If you dont wanna take a little effort and risk, you never get the good shots. 🙂

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