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Driving with the top down; Nakameguro, Tokyo

One of my students gave me a lift from his office down to the station in Nakameguro the other night. I can't get in an open-top car without resisting the tempatation to hold the camera out the top of the car and shoot with a wide-angle. Getting buffeted, not holding it as steady as I could have done if I was concentrating properly. But the feeling of speed is there....

Nikon D300

Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8


  1. Splendid speed blur!

    I love it

  2. Hi Alfie,

    Might not remember me but we talked a few times through Flickr and you've given me a lot of insight and inspiration and just getting back to photogrpahy (as work kept me busy) I see that you've left so I'll have to follow you here to ask for tips if you don't mind. Always have admired your work.

    Best, vishal

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