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Dusk falls on the Daiichi-Keihin Road; Minami-oi, Tokyo

I tried this originally as an HDR, but shooting multiple frames when the traffic is moving is not easy and especially not so when the individual frames [because of the light level] involved some quite long exposures. So, this is a single frame, shot from the balcony of our flat overlooking the Daiichi Keihin road, or Route 15, which runs from Nihombashi to Yokohama. This was shot just before 5pm tonight.

Nikon D300

Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 @ f/6.3

One frame exposed at 1/2sec

ISO 250

Slight slift of colour and tonal contrast using Nik plugin for Photoshop.

Slight dodging and burning to lift exposure in certain areas.

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  1. Ian

    Great view. The light & colour in this is great.

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