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Expressions: Ginza, Tokyo

Not the perfect framing.. too little space at the bottom, I think. But I was waiting to cross the road too and with a 300mm prime lens there is only zooming with one's feet as an option. If I'd stepped back, the moment would have been gone.

Nikon D700

Nikkor 300mm f/4 ED

In-camera monochrome


  1. RD

    Amazing photos, congratulations! I'm to learn a lot following your blog…

  2. i agree. its the timing that counts. great work..

  3. Awesome! Aha! I just read your "about" out of curiosity since I really think your work is excellent and outstanding from all these many many blogs around here. And here my "aha", you are a pro! No surprise really! Glad I found you! Cheers from Switzerland! Heidi

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