Fashion shooting in abandoned buildings - haikyo - in Japan
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Fashion photography & haikyo in Japan

Something I have been wanting to do more of is to shoot fashion in abandoned buildings here in Japan.

Last week, myself and +Shinyong Lee  took a drive for a few hours outside of town - together with make-up artist, Katsu, and the designer of the clothes you see in this shot; +Neville Antoinette.

The location is a secret but it's fair drive outside Tokyo, two hours or more.

One of the issues with shooting in places like this, where the clothes are a major contrast to the location itself, is to come up with an idea or an image that I can put into the model's head, to give her something to work with and imagine. Otherwise it's just 'model in funky clothes in abandoned building'. Which of course is plenty cool enough but...

Anyway, our theme here was that Shinyong was a time-traveller. Maybe she'd meant to go somewhere else in time but ended up here by mistake. However, she begins to feel that there is a connection to this place... and discovers that way back, maybe a couple of hundred years or more ago, her family were here.

There are a lot more photos to come from this shoot. This is a just a little taster.

Great shoot. Great clothes. Great model. Great location.

This shot?
Nikon D800E
Nikkor 20mm f/3.5 AiS
Two Yongnuo 580 strobes in a softbox, boomed over the model.
One more strobe in the background lighting the clock.


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  1. Love the directing part, great tip for posing your subject, way above just left/right/up/down routine. Great tip indeed!
    Also awesome shoes from the designer. 😉

  2. Terrific concept.  My first reaction was to be amazed at how difficult it must be to find abandoned locations in Tokyo, which you explain.  🙂  Bravo for pulling off a terrific concept beautifully.

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