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Fashion photography in Japan: Ruri in Mimitsu, Miyazaki-ken, Kyushu

One from the archives, as I was going through some files today and realised I hadn't really ever posted many on here from the shoot I did in May of last year with Ruri.

Details are just about to go live about the late autumn fashion workshop I will be doing in this same area, in conjunction with Hasselblad. I'll post a link to the news release on their website as soon as it's live.

This was a lovely spot but a little scary: top of a 10metre high harbour wall near the heritage village of Mimitsu.

This wasn't shot on a Hasselblad [I just like squares and I love the Hassie border, which was scanned in from an old slide I shot years ago].

There will be lots of lovely Hassies to play with on the workshop.... looking forward to it.

This shot?
Nikon D800E
Nikkor 50mm f/1.2 Ai
Cropped to square and border added in post


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  1. It’s a very nice shot though… I like the shallow depth of field, the subject really stands out.

  2. Thanks, +Caspar Thomas. Been using this f/1.2 Nikon lens for over 30 years now. Never failed me yet! 🙂

  3. That is one seriously bent looking leg!

  4. She used to be a dancer, +Larry Ellis. So she can get her limbs into some interesting shapes.

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