Fashion photography in Japan: Shinyong at the haikyo
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Fashion photography in Japan: Shinyong at the haikyo

Slowly getting around to working through a backlog of personal work; editing, getting things online.

This was shot back at the beginning of December, with +Neville Antoinette and his wonderful clothes.

We headed up to a haikyo [abandoned town] a few hours' drive out of Tokyo. We didn't have tome to explore all the buildings and the light was fading by the time we ended the shoot in the second of the buildings we chose for the photography.

Big thanks to +Shinyong Lee for her modelling, concentration and professionalism despite the long drive and the cold weather.

The concept was to have Shinyong as time-traveller, back somewhere by accident but a place that seemed to resonate from her ancestor's past.

I always find it's important to give the model a story to work with. The location was very much in contrast to the clothing. If we'd just stood Shinyong in the location and said 'look at the camera' or 'look over there'... I just don't think it would have worked. With the idea she'd come back in time and was somewhere that, perhaps, her ancestors had lived or visited.... it all seemed to work. She got into the role and delivered the goods.

She never fails to deliver the goods, by the way :-)

Nikon D800E
Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 AiS


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  1. у меня телефон так же мутно фотографирует.

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