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Fireworks in the family home-town, Fukushima, Japan

Obon is a period of August when people visit their hometowns to pay respects to their dead relatives. We've been up in Ishikawa-machi, Fukushima, for a few days to see family and enjoy a little summer down-time after a very busy few months of work.

I shot a few pics from the bridge over the river but this shot from the high-street sums up the evening better: families out enjoying the summer evening, the town lit up by the annual fireworks display.

We head back to Tokyo tomorrow. We'll have a little bit of a drive today maybe up into the mountains.

Hasselblad H4D-40
HC 35-90mm lens
32 secs exposure
IOS 100


  1. I must learn how to capture fireworks like this

  2. Geez, the streets are so clean there. That is beautiful

  3. +James Howlett this is Japan, the country without bins on every corner of the street (garbage) but still is very clean everywhere.

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