Natsuki Kishi: fashion shoot in Tochigi, Japan
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First fall of snow: Natsuki in Tochigi, Japan

Two more shots from the trip we did to Tochigi last weekend, which resulted in us not shooting at the abandoned hotel we'd planned to be at. But, some alternative locations turned up the goods.

+Natsuki Doll is the model.

This was the last cut of the day and just before the snow really started to fall. +William Ishiwata got the shots with lots of snow. I lit those for him. We each shot a few in just the ambient light.

Nikon D800E [William's camera]
ISO 6400
Nikkor 80-200mm f/2.8 ED IF


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  1. I like the first and last one, although they have different light. While i don not know, what is the second and the third picture for, but a bit of dark,so I have to click further.Anyway, I ilke it.

  2. These are layout pages from a magazine I am putting together, hence the small inset pic and the layout. The light isn't different, just the white-balance… to get two different feels from the same place. These pics shot in 90secs. I was lighting the model and scene for my student and made time very quickly for a couple of shots of my own. Light was fading very fast, it was freezing cold. You can't keep a model out in lingerie for very long in those conditions. It was dark at this place. 6400ISO, f/2.8 and 1/80th sec to get these. I like dark and moody. That's the feel of this set. Thanks as always for your feedback.

  3. Like the little scary mood of the last image.Also like that she looks up against the sky and the blue hue of the picture

  4. Ahhh. I wanted to see these big but at the same time I wanted to be able to not have your edit influence my ideas. 

    Plus I have not seen mine yet 😉 And may not for a few days yet….

    I like the bottom one over the top I think. 

    Interesting. I am glad they are not too noisy at 6400 ISO as that is what I shot a lot of things at over the days.

  5. Big they ARE noisy, very. But you can make that work if you add a little film grain on top, as the noise on this camera is still a little more blotchy than film. But, good performance in Colour at that ISO. Usually one has to resort to monochrome that high.

  6. right, fair enough I will have a look later. I am still working through other piles. Maybe tomorrow morning I think I will get time. 

    I have all the data on the computer and backed up at least now.

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