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French football hero, Michel Platini: Ginza, Tokyo

It really is amazing who I bump into these days. I was out with a student this afternoon in Ginza and bumped into Michel Platini, now President of UEFA but - during my boyhood - the French footballer with the fleetest of feet and the genius touch.

Went back, he was just walking off into a side-street on the Ginza, and called "Mr Platini.....!"

Asked him if he minded me taking his picture, not at all, he said.

Asked him if he was in town for the recent European Club Football championships: "No, for the dancing', he said. And then, pointed at one of his minders/bodyguards [well that's what the guy looked like, cos he was as big as a house] and said, with a broad grin on his face; "He is my dance partner"

I had time to shoot two frames. The 60second celebrity portrait [or in this case 20seconds] is becoming a regular thing. Nice :-)

Nikon D300

85mm f/2 AiS manual focus

Shot straight to mono in camera.

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  1. Michel Platini !!! Thats some luck indeed…. 🙂

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