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Girders, car and passers-by: Yurakucho, Tokyo

Just around the corner from the International Forum in Yurakucho the railway passes over the road. Underneath are these spectacular girders and bridge supports. Great light. I was teahcing one of my students; a great place to study light, tone, shadow and to capture as much dynamic range with a bit of the old Zone System exposure... or, at least, its digital-era incarnation.

This was shot straight to JPEG using the Mono picture control in-camera. I am doing this a lot right now. Shooting RAW is great, sometimes, as you go back to colour from mono and vice-versa. But, I dont find the mon conversion great all the time and, most importantly, shooting straight to JPEG in mono creates a mindset for me equivalent to going out shooting with a roll of black and white film in the camera; one thinks in black and white. This is very important I think and very different to the modern DSLR mindset of 'hey, I can shoot RAW and do it in colour or mono afterwards'. I really think that the key to shooting great pics in mon is to think wholly in mono and cut the colour right out of the equation.

Nikon D300

50mm f/1.8 Nikon F-Series manual focus lens

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  1. Stephan

    A nice balck and white picture. I like the variety of high quality shots you are taking. Always a pleasure to stop buy at your site.

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