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Granny in her night-gown: Yoyogi-hachiman, Tokyo

Odd things happen to me in Tokyo when I get lost. After I finished my Japanese class at Tokai University, I took the train to Yoyogi-koen station, walked through the park and into Shibuya. I was aiming for my favourite bar and got lost in the backstreets, ending up back in Yoyogi at Hachiman station. Just as I was approaching the station this old lady ambled out of a doorway and into the street. She looked totally confused, almost as though she expected to look up and be in her living room. Dressed only in her pink night-gown, equipped with shopping bag and walking stick, she wandered at a snail's pace along the middle of the main street. Bless her. Hope she got home OK.

Nikon D300

85mm f/1.4 AF D

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  1. Nice catch! She looks really how you say.

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