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Happy New Year Everyone! Last sunset of 2008 over Tokyo with Mount Fuji; Omori, Tokyo

Missed the actual drop of the sun this evening as myself and the family were at a friend's house. But, got home to catch the last glow of the last sunset of this year and what a beauty it was. Even managed to get the moon in as well.

Shan't be going to bed tonight as I am meeting one of my students, Justin, at 5am for a bit of extra-curricular photography; we are off to the bayside in Tokyo braving the crowds of Tokyo-ites with their tripods and cameras to photograph the first sunrise - the 'hatsuhinode'.

Happy New Year everyone. :-))

Nikon D300

20mm f/3.5 AiS [manual focus] @ f/11

Five-frame bracketed burst, merged in Photomatix 2.5.4

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  1. yuka


    This makes me feel the distance between our planet & the moon.

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