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I see you….

"Night on the canalside
No light except
That which falls for my third eye"

Sometimes you walk at night and you never see the colour or the beauty until you open the camera shutter for a long time.

I was out wandering back along the Old Tokkaido Road after meeting a friend in Shinagawa. I had no tripod but when I took a little detour along the canal in Samezu, I thought it would be fun to try and capture the flowers even though all I could see were dark outlines against a sky.

No tripod, just the 28mm f/2 borrowed from John. Rested the camera on the slope that goes down to the canal, opened the shutter for about 6seconds, firmly rested on the concrete, and all the colours started to appear.

Lots of fun.

Nikon D700
Nikkor 28mm f/2 AiS @ f/2


  1. Superb flower image…the colors are great and the background sky is astonishing!

  2. yep, love the feeling, the background makes it really irreal, in the best way.

  3. Beautiful flowerbed
    Love this shot

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