Iain Baker [Jesus jones] and Francisco Nunez in Ginza
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Iain and Frankie in Ginza: shooting for Tokyo Extra

Seems like half a lifetime ago now, that I spent a couple of days shooting with +Iain Baker and +Francisco Nunez for the +TOKYO EXTRA show.

This was one of my fave shots from our first day. Great light in Ginza. Magical, to be honest.

Iain looks every inch the rock-star here.

Miss both these guys like mad.

Nikon D3S
50mm f/1.2 Ai
In-camera monochrome
Monochrome HC-01 Picture Control


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  1. What an amazing couple of days. seeing this brings it all back. Thanks +Alfie Goodrich, you rock x

  2. Dear Alfie
    Very nice
    Have good time
    Hassan Namvar

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