Drinking and cleansing fountain - okiome - at Kaminarimon temple, Asakusa, Tokyo, Japan
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In Asakusa with one of my photography students

I was doing some teaching with someone on holiday here a few weeks ago and whilst we didn't stick to the popular tourist trail for long, I did want to take him to shoot this object at the main temple in Asakusa.

Why? Well, it's something every tourist tries to shoot. It's also something every tourist seems to want to shoot from the opposite side to this..... which is a shame, because once you look at it from this side you really notice the charm of ignoring the popular view.

Backlight makes lots of things look cool but it makes water look amazing. Sure, backlight has its challenges.. main of which here is controlling the exposure of the temple tower in the background enough to hang on to it whilst still getting the detail in the water fountain.

I shot various types of shot here, for the guy with me to see before he had a go; some had more depth of field, some this much dof, some focused on the people. I personally liked this one. He got some great shots too. I had him shooting in monochrome and colour so he could see the difference. Mono won for him. He said he didn't normally ever shoot in monochrome, just dit it in post-processing. Shooting in black and white helped him think in black and white.. that's the main reason I do it. I'm always shooting RAW of course, cos I like the flexibility of it, but I like to think in specific styles and having lots of custom profiles in the camera helps me do that.

Nikon D700
Nikkor 50mm f/1.2 Ai

In-camera monochrome

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  1. Hmm that shot looks familiar 😉

  2. Ha, yeah +Strika Eins. This was actually one from a tour I did in April for someone. Good to meet you the other day. Hope the whole experience was useful for you.

  3. The shallow depth of field with f/1.2 lens looks exciting!!

  4. Although white represents the most of colors but droping water from mouth of dragon is easly sensed. Decending of black color on shading of roof bottom from very dark to slightly dark observed, but all blacky objects on the below even dragon are amazing. Only observation of image to a non specialist is the right upper part was not well framed of mild boundry.

  5. +Idris Elamin This place is so very busy. People on my right stopped me framing the shot any better.

  6. +Alfie Goodrich When i was in Tokyo last year, i actually went to Asakusa specifically after i saw one of your photos of the dragon fountains 🙂
    I think i got a few nice pictures of it myself…it  wasn't that busy yet as i went early. Definitely wanna go back and spend more time in Tokyo and other places in Japan!

  7. Very appropriate and splendid shot +Alfie Goodrich .. 🙂 !

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