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In passing: lady in the subway, Tokyo

Haven't been doing much personal photography recently but got these two snaps yesterday, heading from Omotesando to Shimbashi  on the subway.

Shooting the D800 without the grip at the moment, for anything where I don't need a big lens or a lot of vertical shooting... because I sliced into the base of my little finger with a broken glass, whilst washing up. Very painful. Had five stitches and it's been proving quite a challenge to shoot this week.

Nikon D800
Nikkor 50mm f/1.4 K
Monochrome done in-camera


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  1. Good, moody framing on the second one.

  2. Thanks, Jan. I like the girl checking herself in the mirror on the first one too.

  3. true.. I almost  missed the girl in front of the mirror in the second picture, but then I realized the deeper thoughtfulness (guess she was reading then, other than writing) girls facial expression.. it was lucky then that she was perfectly framed 🙂
    I really like both pictures
    posting these together adds to it

  4. There's lots going on here that you don't notice at first…really good one:)

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