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Insect Love-Hotel: Keihin Canal, Tokyo

Had a meeting with some people at a magazine, near Shinagawa, then headed home via the Old Tokkaido Road. Had taken out the extension-tubes with the intention of shooting some macro. Got some nice shots in a shrine and cemetary near Aoyomono-yokocho but these insect shots on the banks of the Keihin Canal at Samezu sort of took the prize for the day.

Also took the prize for being the most difficult shot I have taken in a while:

1. Extension tubes on the 85 reduce dof to about 2mm at f/5.6

2. I had no tripod

3. The wind was intermittently blowing a frickin gale

4. It was freezing

5. My leg went dead cos I was sat on it so long

Some kind of insect orgy going on here though. So, had to catch it.... :-)

Nikon D300

Nikkor 85mm f/1.4 AF D @ f/5.6

12mm and 20mm extension tubes

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