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It’s her day: Seijin no Hi 成人の日, Coming of Age Day, Kyu-tokaido, Aoyomono-yokocho, Tokyo, Japan

Today was Seijin no Hi 成人の日, or "Coming of Age Day" here in Japan. I didn't go out specifically to shoot pictures of it but had a walk with the wife, kids and a friend around several of the local shrines in our area. We do the walk every year around this time, to pay our respects and ask for good luck from the Seven Gods of Good Fortune.

Fortune soon smiled upon me when this pretty young lady appeared in the street up ahead. It's traditional to dress in your best kimono on this day. She looked as pretty as a picture.

Not often I use this selective colour technique. I used to use it in the old film days, hand-tinting prints with food colouring. Lot easier with Photoshop and the technique just seemed to suit this subject so well, singling out the special girl. It was, after all, her day!

Nikon D300

Nikkor 300mm f/4 ED @ f/4

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