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J-Girl in a rainstorm: Route 246 in Shibuya, Tokyo

I was on my way to teach a student who lives in Jingu-mae, near the UN Building on Route 246 in Shibuya when..... the heavens opened. I bought myself a 398Yen umbrella on the way up from the station, sheltered a bit along the way but when the rain didn't ease-up, I thought I'd just get the camera out and make a dash for the nearest smoking area.... which I knew to be close-by, undercover and near a zebra-crossing which offered a nice shooting opportunity. Street Photography 101: know your streets.

I made it to my lesson a little late, very wet from the ankle to the knee but the umbrella saved the camera bag and me from getting too soaked. It really was a belter of a storm. One crack of thunder, which erupted directly overhead and reverberated around the clutch of tall buildings nearby, almost split my eardrums. Amazing. Just can't resist getting the camera out in such conditions. :-)

Nikon D300

Nikkor 85mm f/1.4 AF D

398Yen Transparent Umbrella

Tonal contrast, blue-channel, cyan-biased Polaroid simulation tweaks on Photoshop and Nik3.

Final JPEG for web was sharpened with Nik.

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